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Making Deals Happen at Home and Abroad Guiding Domestic and International Franchisors To Success For More Than 30 Years.

Franchising Excellence

Experienced franchise law specialist.

The economic boom provides an excellent time to expand your business by entering new markets, forging new partnerships, and streamlining your operations. The first partnership you should forge is with a skilled, experienced franchise law specialist

At The Johnson Franchise Law Firm, we represent franchisors of all sizes. Our clients range from large-scale multinational franchisors to businesses that are first considering franchising. We understand your entrepreneurial spirit because we have it too.

In 2007, franchise lawyer Rick Johnson left the global law firm where he was a partner to found The Johnson Franchise Law Firm. Rick has focused on franchise law and associated legal matters (e.g., risk minimization, intellectual property, and company governance) for most of his 30+ year career. He was a business professional for over 10 years. He has consistently been named a “Franchising Legal Eagle”—one of the U.S.’s top 100 franchise lawyers—by Franchise Times magazine.

Helping you navigate the franchise development process.

We focus on all areas of franchise law, including:

  • Alternative structures (e.g., Chick-fil-A model and co-op) franchising
  • Area directorships
  • Area developers
  • Licensing and distributorships
  • Franchise agreements
  • Franchise Disclosure Documents (“FDD’s”)

We also assist non-U.S. companies that want to:

  • Enter into alliances with U.S. businesses
  • Share resources with U.S. companies
  • Open operations in the United States

Helping you grow. Protecting you. Every step of the way.

We help you structure your franchise system. We also draft the legal documents that are the cornerstone of your system: your franchise disclosure document and your franchise agreement. Our franchising law firm also drafts the contracts that go with the FDD and the franchise agreement: guaranties, non-compete agreements, contracts that protect the confidentiality of your confidential information, contracts that help you expand, and contracts that help protect you from liability. We give you the benefit of practical real-world advice and a clear, concise, coordinated suite of documents.

Rick has this advice for new franchisors, some of whom try to begin franchising on a shoestring:

  • Do it right the first time. You will never regret doing it right the first time. Imagine, in 10 years, walking into your file room. You look at your franchise files: there are 900 of them. You say one of two things to yourself:
    1. Every one of these files is in perfect shape. Our agreements are outstanding in every respect. We complied with every law, and we can prove it. We took advantage of every protection available to us. We are making money from every available source. Every ‘i’ is dotted and every ‘t’ is crossed. We did everything right.
    2. Every file in this room is a ticking time bomb. Our agreements are poorly drafted, ambiguous, and in some places, contradictory. We gave away too many of our rights. We are making money, but we left half the money we could have made on the table. Our disclosures, when we made them, were often wrong. We sold franchises in states where we were not authorized to sell. We are one good class-action lawsuit away from disaster.
  • You will never, if you have done things right, say “I wish I had cut corners. I wish I was not protected.”

How we can help you.

We represent U.S. franchisors that want to expand domestically and internationally, as well as international franchisors that want to enter the U.S. market. We assist:

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If you want to take your business to the next level through domestic or international franchise development, streamlining your current franchise operations, maximizing your revenue streams, or minimizing your risk, contact The Johnson Franchise Law Firm today at 762-445-1226.

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