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Do I Use Forms? Yes. Here’s How and Why.

One of the first questions a new franchisor client asks is, “Do you use forms?”

Using “forms” gets a bad rap.  “Forms” does not have to mean “canned, generic boilerplate where the user just fills in blanks.”

I have 24+ years of experience giving legal advice, negotiating transactions, and drafting outstanding legal documents.  These documents have been reviewed by hundreds of attorneys, some of them the most well-known franchisee attorneys in the world.  The documents have been examined and approved hundreds of times by government regulators.  So no, when I begin drafting a new franchise agreement, I do not sit in front of a blank page (or computer screen) and start by printing at the top of the page, “Franchise Agreement.”

I start with a complete, organized library of proven, successful documents.  The documents span dozens of industries.  They include almost every variation you can conceive.

I don’t stop there:

  • I advise you on what would be best for you, given your unique circumstances.
  • I tailor every clause of every document to meet your needs, the needs of your franchise system, and the franchise marketplace.  I do not simply fill in blanks or change names.
  • I verify that the terms of the document comply with all applicable laws, whether those laws are the laws of Australia, California, China, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, or any place in between.
  • I ensure that every document I draft is better than the one that came before it.

This allows me to produce franchise documents that meet the highest standards of the legal profession, quickly and effectively, for a very low cost.

Do I use forms?  Yes.  I use them the right way.  That means you get the best results.

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