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Why Hiring an Attorney is More Cost-Effective

Franchise Attorneys Ensure Your Documents and Agreements Are Done Correctly the First Time

Experienced, professional lawyers guide you through the franchise process

Most companies considering franchising have experience running a business but little knowledge of how to expand through franchising.  As globalization becomes an increasing trend, franchise lawyers have become highly sought-after.  Many small, general law firms do not have the skills or expertise to handle franchising.  The Johnson Franchise Law Firm does.  In addition, many so-called “franchise consultants” are illegally practicing law without a license — a fact that will come back to haunt the franchisor who uses them.

Rick Johnson, founder of The Johnson Franchise Law Firm, is an experienced franchise attorney.  He has counseled companies in thousands of franchise transactions.  He understands:

  • How to structure a franchise system
  • The laws that govern franchising
  • How to effectively use the items that must be included in the Franchise Disclosure Document (the “FDD”) — the disclosure document required by the Federal Trade Commission and the laws of many states — to help clients compete with other franchisors in the marketplace
  • How to protect the franchisor’s confidential information and trade secrets
  • How to register the franchise offering with states that require registration
  • How to negotiate with prospective franchisees
  • How to help franchisees secure financing

Hiring an experienced franchise attorney at any stage of a franchising operation protects the franchisor’s investment and limits its exposure to liability.

Experienced lawyers know domestic and global expansion

Globalization is the future of franchise operations.  The U.S. Department of Commerce estimates more than 75 percent of the expected growth in the world’s trade over the next two decades will come from developing countries.  When a franchisor decides to expand into a different country, it must scrutinize all aspects of the host country, including its economic, political, and social climate.  The franchisor must have a franchise lawyer who can:

Understand the culture and business environment of a country

  • Have and develop personal relationships with local lawyers and officials
  • Ensure that all agreements comply with the laws of the host country
  • Work with local legal counsel
  • Help the franchisor develop its relationships with an overseas partner
  • Negotiate the transaction with the franchisee and the franchisee’s local counsel

With franchise experience on nearly every continent, The Johnson Franchise Law Firm advises its clients on the types of franchises that are most adaptable to other countries, enhances domestic franchise sales by promoting the global brands, and helps businesses reduce dependence on the U.S. market.

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