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How Our Law Firm Helps U.S. and International Franchises

There are two elements to franchising. One is business. How should you structure your companies to maximize your revenues, reduce your costs, and minimize your liability? What arrangements will best position you in the marketplace? The other is legal. What agreements do you need to protect you from liability? Which terms will prospective franchisees find most agreeable? With over 10 years’ experience in business and over 30 years’ experience in law, franchise lawyer Rick Johnson can help guide your company through the franchise development process, whether it be domestic or international.

New Franchisors
We are your legal consultant. As part of your team, we can help you decide whether franchising your business is the right way to go for you. We can help you avoid common mistakes associated with franchising. We can answer your questions regarding licensing your trademarks and methods of doing business, deciding what fees and royalties you can charge, and structuring your company and its contracts. We can also draft your franchise offering documents, register your franchise offering where required, and help to negotiate and close franchise transactions.

Experienced Franchisors
After you have established your network of franchisees, you need an experienced franchise legal consultant to help you resolve issues that arise in the day-to-day operation of your franchise system. At The Johnson Franchise Law Firm, a franchise law specialist can help you protect the confidentiality of your confidential information and the secrecy of your trade secrets. We can help prevent unfair competition from your former franchisees and their employees. We will help you maximize your returns, minimize your risks, streamline your operations, and expedite your growth.

U.S. Franchisors Going International
As your franchise legal consultant, we can help evaluate the benefits of international franchising. We can help you decide whether it is time to expand your franchise system by franchising overseas. We have experience with franchising and distributorships on almost every continent: North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Australia/Oceania, and Africa. Immediately before the 2020 Pandemic, we traveled to France, Italy, Germany, Austria, and Hungary to meet with their franchise professionals. We can advise you on the optimal type of franchises you should offer in other countries, including unit franchises, master franchises, and area directorships. You will be able to build your brand and enhance your domestic franchise sales by promoting your brand as “global,” while reducing your dependence on the ups-and-downs of volatile U.S. markets.

International Franchisors Expanding into U.S.
f you are a franchisor that is not doing business in the U.S., The Johnson Franchise Law firm can help you look at the benefits of franchising into the U.S. and evaluate whether it is time for you to enter this large and important market. Although U.S. franchise laws are complex, you need not worry: they are what we do for a profession. We will explain your options and help you to comply with regulations at the state and federal level.

Alternatives to Franchising
Depending on factors such as the revenue you will need to meet your goals, the control you want to maintain over the business, and your marketing programs, franchises and franchising may not be for you. The Johnson Franchise Law Firm can help you explore alternatives, including licensing agreements, distributorships, partnerships, co-ops, and joint ventures. Whatever form of business expansion you choose, we will help you comply with state and federal laws in order to maximize your returns and minimize your risks.

Associating with Other Attorneys
Many companies have legal counsel on staff, or they retain favored outside law firms. Many of those attorneys and firms turn to The Johnson Franchise Law Firm to help them expand their business by franchising. This is because we limit our practice to franchises, franchising, dealership and distributorships, co-ops, similar arrangements, and their peripheral issues. We have already done the research and gained experience in all of these issues, so a company’s existing counsel saves time, money, and losses from missed opportunities. If you want to discuss associating us to assist you with any or all of these franchise issues or other issues, contact The Johnson Franchise Law Firm today.

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