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Associating With Other Attorneys

How We Can Work with You, a Company’s Non-Franchise Attorney

Many companies interested in franchising already have an attorney. Very often, however, the attorney is not an experienced franchise law specialist.

A company’s existing attorney may call us, asking if the attorney can associate us to represent the client on a limited basis. The answer is “absolutely.”

Working with you to serve your client.

Rick Johnson, franchise lawyer, was a partner with a global law firm. He understands the apprehension a company’s existing attorneys feel about associating a big firm:

“The global firm would use an association with a company’s existing counsel to get its foot in the client’s door. After that, the focus would be on shouldering out the existing counsel.”

That will not happen with The Johnson Franchise Law Firm. Our practice is limited to franchise law and its peripheral issues. We will not expand beyond our core expertise. We are located in metro Atlanta, Georgia: we have no intention of opening an office outside that area.

When you associate us, we work with and through you to achieve the client’s franchise goals.

Lower cost to the client. Less risk to you.

The U.S. has a federal franchise law. In addition, many states have laws that govern the offer and sale of franchises, or the franchisor-franchisee relationship. Even if a state does not have franchise laws, it will be subject to federal or state laws that affect franchising; for example, antitrust laws, laws governing your client’s ability to protect its intellectual property, and laws governing the making, performance, and enforcement of contracts.

These matters are the core of our daily practice. There is no need for you to spend the client’s resources—and your valuable time—researching these issues. In addition, franchise laws are complex, and raise many issues: there is no need for you to expose yourself to liability if you miss an issue.

Un tournez: the one to whom you can turn.

The word “attorney” comes from the French words, “un tournez”: “the one to whom one can turn.” We are here to assist you and your client. You can turn to our franchising law firm with confidence.

Contact us today.

If you want to discuss associating us to assist you with your client, contact The Johnson Franchise Law Firm today.

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