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International Franchisors Expanding Into the U.S.

How We Can Help International Franchisors Enter the U.S. Market

Should you enter the U.S. market?

The U.S. market features over 300 million people. Americans have an appetite for both services and consumer goods. They enjoy a high disposable income and a high standard of living. They are interested in international culture, and welcome non-U.S. businesses and citizens. The U.S. has a well-developed business and legal system. If you are a franchisor that is not doing business in the U.S., you are missing an important market.

Are U.S. franchise laws complex?

Yes. The U.S. has a federal franchise law. In addition, many states have laws that govern the offer and sale of franchises, or that govern the franchisor-franchisee relationship after the sale. Even if a state does not have franchise laws, it will be subject to federal or state laws that affect franchising; for example, antitrust laws, laws governing your ability to protect your intellectual property, and laws governing the making, performance, and enforcement of contracts.

What we can do for you.

The services we offer international franchisors that want to enter the U.S. market are similar to the services that we offer new U.S. franchisors, or that we offer U.S. franchisors that want to expand internationally. A franchising attorney at The Johnson Franchise Law Firm can:

  • Help you decide if franchising in the U.S. is right for you
  • Advise you on the optimal type of franchises you should offer:
    • Unit franchises
    • Master franchises
    • Area directorships
    • Hybrid franchise structures
  • Advise you on your company structures
  • Modify your franchise documents to:
    • Comply with U.S. law
    • Maximize your opportunities
    • Minimize your risks
  • Register your franchise offering in jurisdictions that require registration, and obtain exemptions from registration in jurisdictions that allow exemptions
  • Help you comply with U.S. federal and state laws governing franchise offerings and franchise relationships, and other laws that affect franchising

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If you want to evaluate entry into the U.S. market, contact The Johnson Franchise Law Firm today.

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