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The Benefits of Finding an Experienced Franchise Law Firm

Focus on your business and how franchising can help you expand

Many law firms claim that they are able to handle all of your legal needs. This may include everything from real estate purchases to setting up a corporation to handling a lawsuit. Some of these so-called “full service” law firms also claim to be able to handle franchising law. However, franchise law combines many different areas of law into one. A good franchise law firm will be familiar with state, federal and international franchise laws and regulations, as well as with antitrust law, licensing, trade secret protection, and unfair trade practices. These are complex and ever-changing areas of law. It takes a firm that is focused solely on these issues to be able to keep up with the changes and to help you decide how and where to establish your franchised business. Also, by developing standard forms that can be adapted to your specific business model, an experienced franchise law firm can minimize your initial startup time and costs.

Minimize your time, expense, and legal risks

A franchising law firm that limits its practice to franchise law is ideally situated to work with your general business law firm or in-house legal counsel. Your existing lawyers need not fear that your franchise law firm will try to take other business away from them. At The Johnson Franchise Law Firm, we frequently associate with other law firms or in-house corporate counsel for specific franchise law projects, leaving other general legal transactions to your existing counsel. By focusing on what we do well, we minimize the time, expense, and legal risks associated with franchising a business.

For more information on franchise laws

When you are considering franchising your business, you want a franchising lawyer who has done it many times before. You need a lawyer to do more than merely tell you about the law. You need a lawyer who will help negotiate the contracts and draft the forms. That is what we do every day at The Johnson Franchise Law Firm. Contact us today to schedule a confidential interview and see if franchising is right for your business.

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